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Yuko Nogami Taylor

Yuko Nogami Taylor

(Japanese/American, 1965 — — )
Yuko is a painter renowned both regionally and internationally. She has multiple exhibits in galleries in the Southern United States. Her work is inspired both by modern western art and Japanese historical images. Her unique style combines two heritages of Japan and the southern United States on canvas, serving to create harmony between nature and humble people.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yuko grew up in prestigious private schools.  Throughout her school years she was trained in classical Japanese calligraphy and painting. She excelled in her artistic talent and emerged with a unique painting approach as a result of being exposed to the high-end culture of Japan.  In 1990 Yuko moved to the southern United States to free herself from the pressure of a predetermined life within her expected social boundaries. She settled here and has raised two sons, one with Autism.  She is married to a Jazz drummer. As her sons have grown, she has resumed her artistic passion. She expresses her unique fusion of cultural experiences through visual art. Yuko skillfully merges the heritage of southern African American culture (a part of her sons’ and husband’s heritage) and Japanese culture into oil paintings.  Yuko Nogami Taylor’s series Majestic Incognito is based on rare photos of African-Americans taken in the early 1900s.

She creates a connection between them and our inner selves, using her Japanese heritage to celebrate the strength, honor the humility, and share the beauty that is in all our lives.

Yuko Ngami Taylor

Majesty Incognito – Historical photo Series paintings
There are very few archival photographs of Southern African Americans dating from the early 1900’s. The original black and white images fascinated me with their powerful imagery, compelling me to paint color and life into them. I am particularly captivated and moved by the dichotomy of strength and humility etched in these human portraits.
Through my series of paintings, I hope to bridge a connection between my nameless subjects and our inner selves using my Japanese heritage, to celebrate the strength, to honor the humility, and to share the beauty that is in all our lives.

Title / Título: Your Life Technique / Técnica: Mineral and other pigments with hand skimmed paper wrapped on birch panes. Traditional Japanese Nikawa painting, Nihonga. Size / Tamaño: 36” x 48” Mineral and organic pigment used : Indigo, Lazurite, Azurite, Malachite, Patina, silicate, calcium carbonate oyster white, Patina, Burned patina, Kyoto turquoise, slate, sumi, silver leaf, bronze & silver color, gold color and gold foil, crimson, Jasper, quartz, crystal, coral pink, Jade, gamboges $2500 Title / Título: Tobacco Goddess - Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 24” x 30” A woman smiling in a tobacco field A heavenly goddess from heaven is with her. $920 Title / Título: Charlotte Hawkins Brown Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 24 inches (76 x 61cm) Author and educator Charlotte Hawkins Brown was born in Henderson, was an American educator, founder of the Palmer Memorial Institute in North Carolina. She is depicted here in her wedding dress, 1912. $1000 Title / Título: Aria for Cotton III Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 40” x 30” (102 x 76 cm) Woman ironing in the early spring morning light. Depicting a woman who is proud of her work. Japanese bush warbler with plum blossoms. $1350 Title / Título: The dream Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 24 x 30“ A young woman, with great strength. Stands tall defending her heritage as she lives to overcome her obstacles. Her dignity shows in her eyes. (DACA Art Exhibition @ Pleiades Gallery Durham) $700 Title / Título: The Soul Travels Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 24” x 30” Education is the key. To be able to read and comprehend, allows your soul to travel form your physical boundaries. When you meet with such joy, that is powerful, and our hearts are filled. In my dream, she travels to a far east castle that she never has visited. I admire the courage of her learning. I admire the love of her teaching. $1020 Title / Título: When you are with me Technique / Técnica: Oil on Canvas Size / Tamaño: 24” x 30” A woman holding a cat in Montgomery Alabama. The cherry blossoms tree behind her was inspired by Helen Hyde prints from the 19th century. $1350