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Opening of 4th Annual El Quixote Festival – Jose Marti

Opening of 4th Annual El Quixote Festival – Jose Marti
Meredith College

Película Sobre José Julian Martí Pérez
Saturday, September 29, 2018 – 3 PM
Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center
Meredith College Main Campus
3800 Hillsborough St. Raleigh 27607

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• Enter from Hillsborough entrance ( Meredith College St.)
• at rotary take 3rd right
• follow around take fourth right
• parking is on the right.

• Ingrese desde la entrada de Hillsborough (Meredith College St.)
• al rotativo, tomar la 3ª derecha
• sigue y entonces tome la 4ª derecha
• el estacionamiento está a la derecha.


The 4th Annual El Quixote Festival – José Martí In collaboration with Meredith College and Somos Distribution presents:

Jose Marti, El Ojo del Canario

Spanish with English Subtitles

September 29, 2018 – 3 PM Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center 3800 Hillsborough St. Raleigh 27607
JOYCE WATKINS KING’S FAST FASHION FIASCO – THE HIGH PRICE OF CHEAPArrive early to view the exhibit at the Gaddy-Hamrick Weems Gallery – 
Joyce Watkins King’s Fast Fashion Fiasco – The High Price of Cheap

Jose Marti, El Ojo del Canario

Historia – 120 min. – 2010 – España

Director/ Writer: Fernando Pérez  Stars:  Daniel Romero Bildaín, Rolando Brito, Broselianda Hernández

José Martí fue un hombre de una sensibilidad muy especial que marcó la historia de Cuba, pero también fue un ser humano común, corriente, como cualquiera de nosotros. Creo que eso es lo que hace grande a los grandes hombres. Mi película se sumerge en la complejidad cotidiana que formó el carácter de Martí durante su infancia y adolescencia.
La mirada será más personal que histórica, más subjetiva que biográfica.

José Martí was a man of a very special sensibility who marked the history of Cuba, but he was also a common, ordinary human being, like any of us. I think that’s what makes great men great. My film is immersed in the daily complexity that formed the character of Martí during his childhood and adolescence. The feel and look will be more personal than historical, more subjective than biographical.

This feature-length film by Cuba’s most recognized filmmaker, Fernando Pérez, won the most collateral awards at the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. The film focuses on the childhood and adolescence of Cuba’s nineteenth-century hero José Martí, covering the years he lived in Cuba before being sent into exile for political sedition at the age of seventeen. The film has already obtained two awards at the Ibero-American Festival in Huelva, Spain. It has received top awards on the island and was named the best movie of 2010.

Special thanks:  We would like to thank all who have made possible the showing of this wonderful film. We thank especially SOMOS Distribution, which holds the license rights to this film, ViendoMovies and FlixLatino.


Opening of 4th Annual El Quixote Festival – Jose Marti with Meredith College and Somos Distribution presents: Jose Marti, El Ojo del Canario 9/29/2018