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February, 2022 – Meredith College – Raleigh NC

“Culture is part of identity, too”

Coser y Cantar, a play that focuses on a Hispanic woman living in the United States and how she attempts to deal with living in two very different worlds. (Coser y cantar—literally “sewing and sing-ing”—is a Spanish idiom meaning “child’s play.”) Subtitled “A One-Act Bilingual Fantasy for Two Women,” the play has two characters, She, who primarily speaks English throughout the play, and Ella, who primarily speaks Spanish. It becomes clear to viewers that She and Ella are not actually two separate characters, but are the two sides of one woman. Throughout the play these two sides of the same woman argue, each trying to gain control over the other. In the end, they come to the realization that the separate elements complement each other. While She and Ella will never be “one” person, the two sides they represent make for a strong (if somewhat unsettled) individual.






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