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VOCES|VOICES. Highlighting Women of Color in NC Arts. El Quixote Festival.



VOCES|VOICES provides a platform for women artists of color (Latina, Indigenous, Afro Latina, and Latinx) to share their work through multiple forms of expression. The scope includes the visual arts, poetry, storytelling, fashion, film, performance, theatre, gastronomy, multimedia, etc.  A group of selected artists will participate in a series of events that highlight their stories as part of El Quixote Festival 2021-2022 (September 29 through April 23).

The El Quixote Festival produced by Artist Studio Project is a primarily collaborative festival produced across the state of North Carolina and highlights the work of one or several artists.

Julia de Burgos Art By: Rafael A. Osuba – 2014

Julia de Burgos

“Tú te rizas el pelo y te pintas; yo no;

a mí me riza el viento, a mí me pinta el sol.”

“You curl your locks and paint yourself, not I;
I am curled by the wind; I am painted by the sun.”
Art by: Rafael A. Osuba (c) 2014