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Henry Linarez has the Venezuelan and Latin-America music expansion as a purpose mingling to innovator tendencies. Their music is based in original written compositions that combine different Venezuelan rhythms with other references from latin-american, jazz and classical music producing a fusion that ultimately represents the energy, the mixture and diversity of Venezuelan culture.



Noche Quijotesca Latin Quarters- Henry Linarez
The Musicians “Henry Linarez-Trio” Henry Linarez (CUATRO) Agelvis Sanchez (BASS) Javier Sojo (PERCUSSION – VOCALS)

HENRY LINAREZ (CUATRO) 1980, Barquisimeto, Venezuela At four years old Henry participated as vocal in the folk music Oe´Bangue and sharing stage with the “golperos” (vernacular rhythm players) of Don Pío Alvarado, the city of Quibor in Lara State. Since that age he started his formal musical education in the Academy Studio Amado Lopez (well known by the vernacular group “Cuatros y más Cuatros”). During his education he wins festivals of children´s singing among other the renowned Festichamo in 1988 directed by the Venezuelan Composer and Latin Grammy Winner Simon Diaz. Later he continuing a complementary training of piano with the teacher and piano concertist Emma Kissis and contemporary harmony with maestro Silvio Arocha. Henry was interested in the vernacular and folk Venezuelan music then started his career as cuatro player and tutoring by the harp player maestro Carlos Orozco, well known as his work with joropo (Venezuelan and Colombian folk rhythm) As a very talented cuatro player, Henry recorded together with maestro Orozco and flute player Manuel Rojas a experimental vernacular CD as a group called MANOROZ. His first solo album called “ENTRE QUERUBINES”: Cuatro Venezolano (Among Cherubim: Venezuelan Cuatro) is released in 2004. Followed later in 2008 by a second CD “Un Cuatrico en Navidad” (A little Cuatro for Christmas) gathering musical arrangements and original pieces of Christmas traditional Venezuelan Music, in 2012 by a third CD called “Bendiciones” Cuatro Venezolano (Blessings, Venezuelan Cuatro Player) with traditional sounds and 2014 by a quarter CD “En libertad” (On Freedom). As Venezuelan cuatro player Linárez had been playing in United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, St Louis, Miami, Orlando, Washington) and United Kingdom (London and Manchester). Among others, he had recorded and play with very well known musician within the folk and vernacular Venezuelan music as: El Carrao de Palmarito, Reina Lucero, Simon Diaz, Aquiles Machado, Guillermo Carrasco, Frank Quintero, Rafael Brito, Santoral, Los Hermanos Rodriguez, Ensamble Gurrufio, El Cuartero, Claudia Calderon y su piano llanero, Marcos Granados, Huascar Barradas and his Maracaibo. His first collaboration in a film soundtrack was a musical arranger and cuatro player for the Venezuelan movie “Plan B” (By Alejandro Garcia Wiedman) awarded in the Venezuelan film festival. Besides his participation in the project Henry Linarez-Trio, Henry participates in A Trio Musica de Venezuela and have recorded two CD with this group, Henry Linarez is completing his degree in education and cultural projects Management making further research to vernacular and folk Venezuelan music. Henry Linárez also is a lecturer and teaches as masterclasses or workshops concerts focused in the introduction and improvement of the cuatro playing, as a versatile and particular Venezuelan instrument.

Agelvis Sanchez, (Bass) 1974, Barquisimeto, Venezuela At very young age he started his musical education tutored by his father the musician Dr. Hilde Adolfo Sánchez F., he learned music theory, harmony and composition and also to play Venezuelan cuatro. Later together with his father they created Trampolin de Cuerdas (Springboard of Strings), base in a method of learning to play cuatro. He completed his musical education in the Vicente Emilio Sojo in Barquisimeto with teachers as Amelia Figueroa and Juan J. Lopez. He also studied Guitar and piano. His classic guitar studies give him the opportunity to receive masterclasses and workshops with maestros Rodrigo Riera and Luis Zea. At the same time studying classical guitar he learned play electric bass. Later he continued learning composition, arrangement, scoring and musical production and recording. Agelvis had the opportunity to direct arrange and produce for varies musical groups and bands of traditional, jazz, blues, salsa, funk, flamenco and as bass player had been in England, Scotland and Germany. As composer Agelvis was awarded as winner of the First National Exhibition of Young Composers in 2001 with his symphonic piece Imagenes de un Romance Venezolano (Imagens of a Venezuelan romance), as a major event of the III festival of University Musical Studies Institute (IUDEM) in Caracas, Venezuela. His Symphonic piece had been payed by many State Symphonic Orchestras: as Miranda State (Director: Gregory Carreño), Lara State (Director: César Iván Lara), Falcón State (Director: Tarcicio Barreto), Mérida State (Director: Rodolfo Saglimbeni) and the National Symphonic Orchestra Sim{on Bolivar (Director: Alfredo Rugeles). Agelvis is also awarded as bass player within the vernacular music winning twice the first place in the International Festival of Llanos (Plains) Music “El Silbón” in the editions of XXIX in 2003 and in 2005. Among pop music his recent work comprises the arrangements for twenty five songs of the compilatory CD of the first edition of the TV show Latin American Idol in Argentina and produced by Sony Entertainment Television for Latin America. In his studio, Agelvis Sánchez currently develops as a producer and musical arranger of several musical records for musicians, advertisement, TV and films. He also is the bass player and producer of A Trio Musica de Venezuela.

Javier Sojo (Percussion-Vocals) 1976, Barquisimeto, Venezuela As vernacular Venezuelan music percussionist in 1996 started his musical education focused in Caribbean drums as “bongo” and “tumbadora” his first tutor was the Cuban percussionist Enrique “Kike” Moreira. Other teachers as Henry Valladares y Evelio Torres encouraged him to study Caribbean and Venezuelan music with African roots including vernacular instruments of softer percussion. The learning of such instruments lead him to study with maestro Juan Ernesto Laya renowned as Venezuelan-maracas player specialist in joropo rhythm. Yonder Rodriguez was his tutor in the Peruvian percussion box playing which became recently very used in music fusion in what is called “Venezuelan Contemporary Music Wave” giving percussionist a wide range of explorations with different instruments and sounds. As percussionist and vocal Javier had been playing together with very well known musicians as Diego “El Negro” Alvarez, Gonzalo Teppa, Andy Nevala, Huascar Barradas, Rafael “El Pollo” Brito, “EL Nene” Quintero, Soledad Bravo, Alexis Cárdenas, Aquiles Baéz, Santoral, Bahareque, and Barquisimeto IV in which is the leading voice. Also had played in Colombia, Europa, EE.UU and Canada. Javier combines his research with vernacular percussion instruments with his musical education in the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory. Currently is integrated in the project A Trio Musica de Venezuela and participated in the record of the studio CD “Canta y Toca” 2009.