I Am Quixote

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Meredith College Raleigh NC

More than one hundred years ago, Meredith College opened with just over 200 women. Today, our student body has grown to include nearly 2,000 students, including men who are part of our graduate programs. All learn to enhance their strengths, broaden their perspectives, and prepare for lives of impact and distinction. All going strong.

"Meredith College is honored to be a part of El Quixote Festival. In the same year that we celebrate our 125th anniversary as a college, we are delighted to celebrate 400 years of Cervantes and Don Quixote."
We are excited to host several events throughout the festival and invite the community to celebrate with us this historic and important festival!

Mission Statement
Meredith College, grounded in the liberal arts and committed to professional preparation, educates and inspires students to live with integrity and provide leadership for the needs, opportunities and challenges of society.

Meredith College is respected nationally as a vibrant learning environment in which students enhance their strengths, broaden their perspectives, and prepare for lives of impact and distinction.

The Meredith College community is dedicated to core values drawn from Meredith’s mission and heritage, including its founding as a women’s college by North Carolina Baptists.

These values serve as the foundation for our programs, our interactions with each other and our outreach beyond the campus:

Integrity…upholding high standards of truth and personal honor;
Intellectual freedom…fostering a spirit of openness and inquiry, and respecting a range of perspectives and voices;
Academic excellence…promoting scholarship, innovation, curiosity, intellectual challenge, hard work, and lifelong learning;
Responsible global citizenship…contributing positive change through ethical leadership and civic engagement;
Personal development…seeking intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth through structured and individual learning and experience;
Religious diversity…avowing the College’s Christian heritage while respecting all faiths and spiritual beliefs; and
Relevance…meeting society’s needs by educating students in programs that prepare them for the future.

We are proud to collaborate in several events to include: