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Viktor Hernandez

Born in the beautiful city port of La Union, El Salvador; Viktor Manuel Hernandez Cerrato, grew up with his parents Victor and Martha and his two brothers Oscar Eduardo and Jose Roberto. The oldest of three brothers, since early age he liked to entertain, participating on local plays in the community and school. At the same time he always was showing the gift of being an artist within his family, planning and performing at family reunions and even some times he would be hired to perform at private parties for children. He was very popular in High School for telling jokes, impersonating teachers and public officials. Graduated from High School in 1988. In 1989 takes a broadcasting course for radio at Leonardo Da'Vinci University in San Salvador. In 1990 he is awarded an academic scholarship from Georgetown University and the CASS program(Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships). He then travels to the United States of America, and in December of 1991 he graduates from the University of South Carolina obtaining Associates Degree in Arts with major in Small Business Management. In 1993 works at a national Airline in El Salvador airport, quickly moving up to Procedures implementation Instructor which allows him to travel to several Central American countries, Mexico and the United States which helps him understand different cultural aspects that later will be applied to interpret roles for characters from different countries.

Looking for better opportunities he traveled to the United States of America where he has settled since 1996.

Viktor has three children.

He participated as volunteer radio announcer and DJ for FM 90.5 radio (WSNC) at Winston-Salem State University for about 2 years.

In the year 2000 thanks to a great friend (Apolo Conos) he met a talent agent (Phil Newsome) with Actors & Entertainers, Inc. based out of Kernersville, NC. Since that time, he has been performing in different roles for TV commercials, instructional videos, cable TV programs , as master of ceremony for several live events, as a principal cast member of Spanish TV series Nuestro barrio (2006) and feature films, having the opportunity to work with great actors like Colin Firth, Ellen Burstyn and Mark Wahlberg among others.

Now he is being represented by Rusty Wiggs with the Artists Resource Agency, one of the best talent agencies in the southeast region.