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Don Q Balance.

Archival ink, art marker, bristol paper, acid free. 12×12”. 2015

Don Quixote is characterized as both as tragic and comic hero. He lives in fantasy, yet he responds to very real feelings. As old as the story maybe, He still represents our human experience. Today, many seek relief by seeking balance and insight through yoga. So, I wanted to show how Don Quixote would find and embody confidence and selfacceptance through the practice of yoga. 








Hamsa and Henna.

Archival ink, art marker, bristol paper, iridescent craft paper, acid free. 16×16”. 2015

The hamsa has been universally recognized as a sign of divine protection. This particular version of the hamsa is symmetrical, with a second thumb replacing the little finger. And certainly, as Don Quixote faced and fought against forces of evil, on behalf of others and for himself as well, he not only needed divine protection, but proclaimed himself as embodiment of such holy intervention.









Don Q Whimsy.

Archival ink, art marker, bristol paper, acid free.

12×12”. 2015

While a dandelion is technically a flower (taraxacum), it is a weed to many, a pest to be controlled and eradicated. Yet the mystical dandelion seed head symbolizes hope, love, desire and a childlike belief that dreams come true. This flower of old is mentioned only briefly in Man from La Mancha, but I think it is completely within character for Don Quixote to find himself at the dawn of a new day, innocently trusting that a travelling seed has the power to carry his wish for true love and plant it afar, steadfastly awaiting its season to bloom.   




I am not a trained artist. I am a trained writer who enjoys different forms of art. As a child, I loved all things art. Drawing. Writing.  Crafts. Ceramics. Painting. Macramé. Crochet. Kite-making. Stamps. String Art. Sewing. Clarinet. Piano. Singing. Dancing. Performing.

I wanted to do everything. Now, when I transition each night from the world of business, I enjoy unwinding into the simple form of paper and ink, sinking into peaceful meditation of encircling my thoughts into mandalas of flowers and leaves, structures and landscapes, caricatures and patterns.  What I love most about paper and ink is that I can take it with me everywhere. I can be alone or with others. I can keep it black and white or add color. And I can draw on perfect paper or scraps.  I typically do not have a specific idea when I start to draw, but sometimes I am inspired by things I experience, like a pattern on a pillow, a phrase from a song, a leaf on the pavement, an inspirational quote. I draw what and where the moment takes me.