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Kayla Rose Marie Garcia

Kayla Rose Marie Garcia



Kayla Rose Marie Garcia



kayla garcia don quixote


Untitled. Mixed media. 48” x 32.5”. 2015


My work explores the psychological warfare beetwen what is reality and what is delusion. 













My work manifests from the strong urge I have to create awareness on substance abuse, sexual and domestic violence, and the potential dangers from over exposure through social media. These themes relate to the anxieties I live with. I am at a place in my life where I need my work to be brutally honest and personal.  
I find it emotionally invigorating to work this way, and with a stroke of a brush my audience can see a painful past, but a brighter future. I portray the inner realities of the lives of victims of aggression, broken promises, and grief through my use of mixed media materials, paint or clay, while using saturated color and large scale works. I visually give power back to the once powerless.  My main goal is for the viewer to leave with a clear understanding of what it is like to live and breathe in the world I have lured them into. The “selfie”, taking a photo of oneself to share via social media, is a reflection of a common current trend where over sexualized, narcissistic youth self-objectify without full awareness. Shedding light on this topic is another theme seen in my work. I use satire to create awareness through familiar imagery and poke fun at the trending of “selfies”.  
These images are full of ego and superficial qualities that must be addressed. These photographs are overly intimate and personal, and the dangers of such images never seem to cross the minds of the “here and now” generation. Through much perseverance and courage I will continue to share my personal feelings on these topics. Such concepts as sexual and domestic violence and self-objectification are just the start of my path in
creating a full awareness through my art.