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Marky Hoe Dee.

Acrylic and collage.

30x40x2”. 2012-14


A painting to be viewed and touched. The image began with a melding of Australian Red Violet and Indian Yellow spread with a wide-edge pallet-knife. The leaping and fallen horse emerged after treatment with a “German Impressionist” thick black outline. Now I was committed. The Green Knight emerged and early a photo of my brother’s face, a hippie goat farmer was helmeted. My brother’s name is Mark and as a kid we called him Marky. After many iterations of the cape and background the gold and cerulean rocked hill evolved and the windmill was finally built overlooking the leaping Green Knight. Because he is a farmer. A farmer, like Quixote is always tilting at windmills.




I am an abstract expressionist who works with acrylics and soon after transplanting from Chicago to Raleigh in 2007, fell under the tutelage of Eric McRay, an established Raleigh artist with a studio in ArtSpace. Current efforts are focused in melding styles of pre-WWII and post WWII abstract art. Latest emphasis of work is an attempt to mix the energy, passion and unpredictability of abstract expressionism with the stark simplicity of gestural illustration found in the 20th century masters. Many works aspire to an aesthetic polygamy of Joan Mitchell at various times married to Matisse, Picasso, Klee, Haring, and/or Miro.  My process of painting attempts to create order from the initial disorder and chaos/entropy. Accordingly, I refer to this effort as "negentropy" which in essence defines life, as all biology creates order from the chaos of atoms. As a result of this approach, many efforts fail, and to paraphrase better artists than myself, my art consists of the mistakes I keep.

Earlier this year more than 30 paintings were exhibited on the 2014-2015 “SPLIT INFINITY” Tour: The Art of Negentropy” at Margaux’s Restaurant, Lux Salon and New World Coffee House in Raleigh. Examples of my work can be found on  |