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Don Quixote’s Dreams. 

Oil painting and collage on canvas.

24×24”. 2015.


For me art is when something is created with passion and excitement and this can become a lot of feelings collapsing all the same time with happiness and with sadness. But all these feelings are genuine. When you can create those feelings, that is art. Every painting is a challenge and a tale of history. All art hast its own life.




I was born in Mexico City. Since a very early age, I desired to be an artist, but life carried me on different roads. I am a mixed-media artist, working mostly with oil paint, gold leaf and silver leaf. My work centers on magical realism and a strong spirit. I like to create images that makes people feel happy and relaxed with my Art. I have been working on technique, color, texture and finding my own style of expression over the years. I will never stop growing in those areas. Sometimes, I like to create abstract style with full color. Working with gold leaf and texture on canvas is my own style of expression because I find my own technique. I like that my Art provokes different emotions for the viewer.