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Untitled. Mixed media.

Gold Leaf on canvas.

49×39”. 2015

I am an artist with the intention of showing the permanence of the human spirit… I make use of the paradox of realistic surfaces broken by other elements.  





Roberto was born in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. He attended the Universidad de la Sabana and the Universidad National of Bogotá, Colombia for 4 years. While in Colombia, Roberto worked and taught in his printmaking studio for 5 years. When he arrived to the United States, he moved to Miami, Florida where he exhibited his work at the Lisa Rosen gallery. Later, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he most recently called home. His work was exhibited at spirit square, the McColl Center, The Arts Council of Monroe, the public library of Monroe, in Raleigh, NC and in Rafael A. Osuba's last Collaborative “Colores”. He has been honored in both Colombia and the United States. In North Carolina, he received the Doug Helms Memorial Art Show award 3 times.