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Rocinante Homage.

Pencil and ink on synthetic paper.

20×20”. 2015

Quixote’s horse Rocinante is both his companion and an important symbol in the novel. The Spanish helmet and horses are a homage not only to Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, but also to 6 great Spanish artists. The morion, a 16 century Spanish helmet, is covered with images of horses drawn in the styles of Dalí, Picasso, Velázquez, Miró, and Goya. The head of the horse in the background is executed in the style of Juan Gris. Horses in Don Quixote represent movement, adventure, and social class. New adventures are signaled by horses on the horizon. 


The natural world always fascinated me as I grew up along the Gulf Coast. My experiences of nature and storms weigh heavily in my work. Later formal training at Caltech in molecular biology and chemistry granted me a vision of the natural world on cellular and molecular levels. The theme of layers continues to effect my painting and multimedia work.

Water-based media allow the use of many layers of translucent color to create depth, detail, and texture.  Collage allows me to combine realistic images in an abstract composition with layers of visual meaning.

The exploration of layers leads me to experiment with multimedia works that combine painting with pen&ink drawings and collages of hand-colored rice and tissue paper. Sometimes an intense experience adds another layer to perception. Recognizing that layer, sometimes a short memory narrative accompanies a piece.   

For me, layers of what is seen, what is understood, and what is remembered are all part of the experience. |