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I Come to Give my Heart.

Oil on canvas.

40×30”. 2015

As a romantic dreamer he gives his life to a dream; all his energy and efforts are focused on one thing: win the combats against powerful enemies, monsters, and characters that disrupt the rules and the laws of the man obtaining the title of knight and the heart of the one true love. He is willing to give his heart to that dream.









Quijote in the New Age. 

Oil on canvas.

40×30”. 2015

How Don Quixote would act in order to recreate his dreams and nightmares in the 21st Century. 

The current technology helps him to pursue his dream and fantasies in a more realistic way.










Who is More Real? 

Oil on canvas.

30×40”. 2015.

His dreams are so real that no person or force can dissuade him to accomplishing his quest to conquer the heart of his beloved. 







I am a Fine Art painter born in Bogota, Colombia and American citizen.
Since my childhood, I've been traveling all my life between USA, Europe and Latin America.  My work has an expressionist-symbolist style rooted by the influence of Latin American painters of the 60's like Rufino Tamayo, Wifredo Lam and Alejandro Obregon and also by the Medieval European iconography. I have a Master in Fine Arts.  I studied Philosophy and Theology for 4 years and Architecture for 4 years.  
This background gives me the possibility to create my own style where art principles and elements are shaped as a framework of the abstract language and intertwined with Symbols embedded in the iconography of the culture of the near East and Western civilization and jointed together as a unit.
The intention is to produce an artwork that is aesthetically valid as well as having a philosophical content.
Symbolism exists as a form of communicating a complex imagery of thoughts and ideas and it is based on matching things that have equal intrinsic properties and essences so they can be represented by the same symbol. On the other hand expressionism as a style shows the world within the personal perspective of the artist.