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mariana pardy

Caballero del Bosque.

High temperature red clay.

19.5×16”. 2015

Ye trees, ye plants, ye herbs that grow
So tall, so green, around this place,
If ye rejoice not at my wue,
Hear me lament my piteous case,
Not let my loud-resounding grief
Your tender trembling leaves dismay,
Whilst from my tears I seek relief,
In absence from Dulcinea, Del Toboso



Many of my pieces tell a story, particularly my Trees of Life, a traditional Mexican folk art sculpture with my own interpretation.  Trees are also represented in my recent work as carriers of time, history and wisdom and I am fascinated with the multiple possibilities and manifestations of its shapes and form.  I suggest faces and human figures that grow roots and branch out to symbolize the transcendent connection with nature and with the spiritual world.  The tree is only a vehicle for the imagination, it’s the white canvas or the piece of paper ready to receive, the story will tell itself….

I am inspired by the richness and spontaneity of my native culture. My work has many influences; from my Mexican roots I gather the unique style of the pre-Hispanic folk art and from its contemporary ceramics the simplicity and functionality of form. I mainly use red earthenware with pieces that I throw and/or handbuild, then burnish them with quartz and partially glaze with lead free products. I have been recently experimenting with different clays and other media creating wall pieces and murals, some in collaboration with friend and fellow artist, Monica Weber. Meditation and mindfulness have been an important part in my life and creative process. I find balance and peace while working with clay and I incorporate a healing intention in each piece. I also love to work with languages and have a parallel career as a Spanish interpreter where I am the voice for others.  Learning to express myself through clay, I have discovered my own voice.  Many of my pieces tell a story, particularly my Trees of Life, a traditional Mexican folk art sculpture with my own interpretation. I enjoy teaching workshops where I encourage others to tell their stories through this art form. |