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Julio Gonzalez

Julio Gonzalez


Julio Gonzalez







The Demise of Chilvery.

Acrylic on board with varnish. 10×24”. 2015.


Cervantes relates the story of Don Quixote as a history, which he claims

he has translated from a manuscript written by a Moor named Cide Hamete Benengeli. Cervantes becomes a party to his own fiction, even allowing Sancho and Don Quixote to modify their own histories and comment negatively upon the false history published in their names. 

In the end, the beaten and battered Don Quixote forswears all the chivalric truths he followed so fervently and dies from a fever. With his death, knights-errant become extinct. Benengeli returns at the end of the novel to tell us that illustrating the demise of chivalry was his main purpose in writing the history of Don Quixote.














Julio Gonzalez is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist.

His work is heavily influenced by his love of history and culture and has been described as bold, vibrant, and controversial.

“I believe artists should have the courage to believe in themselves and create regardless of others.”

The goal of his art is to cause the viewer to contemplate if just for a moment and realize the wonder of life.