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Quixote QI & V (from the Quixote series).

Mix media on canvas. 30×60”. 2015. 


Quixote QI : describes the power of his dreams and how nature and the birds of paradise carry them throughout the world. 















Quixote QV (from the Quixote series). 

MIX MEDIA ON CANVAS. 30×60”. 2015.


Quixote V : shows how he travels and relies on his own shadow to be cast on the world of his dreams. He take in all of nature’s gifts and is able to make them his power to live life.


All these works describe the artist and dreamer in me. God has given me this talent and my purpose is to expose my dreams and creativity to the world through my images. Quixote embodies a similar mission and I hope to be able to show the viewers challenges that I have come up against in this journey and the vast opportunities you can uncover and conquer if you never give up on your dreams. We are just a small grain of sand in this beautiful world that God has created for us to live and die in and where our spirit can blend into the skies above and shine with the starts.




Jose Cruz is a Puerto Rican/Columbian Latino Artist. He has a unique style and loves working with color and all mediums.  

Mr. Cruz graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Fine Arts in 1996 from New Jersey City University. In 1986 he started substitute teaching in the Newark Public Schools. It inspired him to pursue a career as an Art Educator. In 1998 he became a certified teacher in Art. 

For 38 years he has exhibited his works in the United States and abroad. His most recent works are currently featured in Humacao Puerto Rico.  It started at the Newark Museum’s Elementary Art Exhibits to Galleries within the NJ/NY area and now in North Carolina. His influences as an artist is attributed to others which includes Professor Bernard, Eleta Caldwell, Mr. K, Russell Murray, Ben Jones, Keith Haring, Rascal, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miro, Caldor, Peter Max, Gustav Klimt, and many others. |