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Retrato de Miguel de Cervantes. Mixed media. 37×48”. 2015



















Una mente locamente cuerda. Mixed media. 37×48”. 2015.


Creadas con una fluides de movimientos libres con el proposito de buscar un estilo al cual he denominado contorcionismo. Soy un artista surrealista, en esta ocación busqué expresar las idea tanto del autor al igual que el mundo existente en la mente de Don Quixote. Una mente llena de locura y belleza.

Created with a free flow of movement for the purpose of looking for a style to which I have called contorcionismo. I am a surrealist artist, on this occasion I sought to express the notion of the author as much as the existing world in the mind of Don Quixote. A mind full of madness and beauty.



Was born in El Salvador on March 25, 1976, prior to moving to Charlotte he studied architecture in El Salvador. In 1998 he arrived in Charlotte North Carolina.  Soon after he began classes at CPCC, to start learning English to have a better understanding of the culture, the city and country in general, since then he has participated in small art shows that were developed at CPCC campus, collective and solo art shows at cultural festivals.
A self-taught artist he defines his art as a surrealistic which allows him to express images that we only see in our dreams. He expresses his imagination on the canvas where he conveys a real message to create awareness to society and all humankind.